Productora y Exportadora de Frutas y Verduras FRUVER S.A

Productora y Exportadora de Frutas y Verduras FRUVER S.A

We think about licensing the standard because Fruver identifies with the values of the norm, mainly the value of Innovation, since we want to start with environmental projects. In addition, Marca País gives us better positioning at the brand level, for example we want to manufacture the own box with Fruve logo for export. by Samuel Vásquez. Office of Environmental Management

Guillermo Sanchez Solano - Gerente Comercial

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FRUVER S.A, is a company dedicated to the marketing of fresh and dehydrated pineapple for export and pineapple for industry, is located in La Legua de Pital of San Carlos, Province of Alajuela, Costa Rica. The company takes its first steps in the sowing of pineapple cultivation in December 2002, through the interest of investors to supply the demand of the fruit in European markets, where it began commercialization in September 2004. FRUVER has managed to implement practices of production and product management that contribute to preserve the integrity of the environment and the health of its workers and consumers both in their own farms and rented by what, for the year 2018 starts with improvements and analysis of Innovation Projects for the company.


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