Termo Aire S.A

Termo Aire S.A

We decided to pursue our Marca Pais because it allows us to promote ourselves internally and externally among clients that already know this certificate implies we offer services that follow high quality standards. Also, this certificate allows us to be more competitive, always striving to innovate and continuously improve our processes. We will belong to a group of companies that share our values and believes, and with whom we can work with to promote ourselves internally and overseas. Felipe Teran

Felipe Teran

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Termo Aire is a leading engineering consultancy group in Latin America and the Caribbean. We provide best in class services for clients based all over the world. Our strong track record is built on the core principles of quality, engineering excellence, integrity and community. With offices in Costa Rica, Mexico and Panama, our qualified engineers have delivered technical advisory and consulting services in more than 19 countries of region. Since 1995, we have an established reputation for solving the toughest problems the industry has to offer and our expertise plans a wide range of engineering disciplines, applications and countries.We focus on MEP, LEED and Energy Consulting. We also offer HVAC, Fire Protection and Commissioning among other engineering services. Over the years, Termo Aire has delivered over 16 million square feet of space in variety of sectors that include Hospitality, Retail, Office & Financial, Multifamily & Residential, Industrial, Free Trade Zones and Data Centers among others. At Termo Aire we understand the challenges you face and our engineering consulting service team is dedicated to provide impartial analysis and immediate solutions for all you needs.

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