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On March 27, 1995, the Universidad de Iberoamérica, UNIBE, was duly authorized by the Educational Institutions of Costa Rica to provide education at a higher level, in the careers of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy and Psychology, including Master's Degree as Clinical Psychology, Hospital Management and Health Services and Nursing in Intensive Care. The University also has various agreements with institutions in other countries, such as the United States, Spain, Israel, among others.

The Universidad de Iberoamérica, UNIBE was founded with the mission of creating and broadcast knowledge in accordance with the advances of modern science and technology, with a profoundly humanistic and democratic orientation, in accordance with the highest values that characterize our society. Among its main objectives are to offer and transmit technological, scientific and cultural activities that promote social welfare and the development of the country; offer a dynamic, comprehensive, diversified and pragmatic education; contribute to the investigation, study and analysis of national problems, particularly those of a socio-economic nature, with a view to boost solutions through community development programs; promote relationships with other related national and international entities; carry out activities that contribute to human promotion, economic development, social welfare and the strengthening of democracy and peace in particular; to stimulate in the student the understanding and appreciation of the cultural heritage of Costa Rica, so that it can contribute effectively to the promotion of this heritage and to the progress of the society to which it belongs; promote educational programs that respond to the ever-expanding demands of human knowledge, intellectual capacity and the needs of society; increase human knowledge of the world around us and generate new knowledge and technologies that contribute to the progress of humanity; create awareness and assume leadership in promoting the cultural enrichment of the communities it serves; among others.