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In 1976 VERITAS Collegium was born, as one of the four founding colleges of the first private university in Costa Rica: the Autonomous University of Central America (UACA). In 1994, the Collegium VERITAS and ITAN merged to become a new autonomous university under the name of VERITAS University.

With time and following the trends of evolution of Central American society, VERITAS University became an art, design and architecture specialized institution, with the possibility of entering any area related with these fields.

VERITAS University is considered to be the best university in its areas of specialty. Its strategic pillars are excellence, technology and innovation; financial health, social projection and internationalization. You can learn more about VERITAS in the Institutional Philosophy section.


VERITAS University exists to impact society through the comprehensive education of students and professionals in an educational environment of excellence and innovation with an international dimension, through programs of various kinds.


To be recognized, by 2020 as the reference University in Costa Rica, Central America, and Latin America in culture, art, design and other innovative disciplines for its commitment to excellence, innovation, sustainability and Christian principles.


The primary purpose of education is "education for life" so the VERITAS values seek to enhance this human vision and go beyond a merely academic endeavor, supporting and strengthening the integral and spiritual development of the VERITAS community. This is summarized in two main areas: love and respect, so we promote:

Christian Principles: We are guided by Christian principles and values reflected in the love for God, love for other human beings and righteousness in everything we do.

Student as the center: we know the strengths and interests of each student and offer mechanisms to channel their integral development and strengthen their areas of improvement.

Suitable equipment and integrated work: We are a learning community that has the best faculty and staff, led by wisdom, to maintain an intellectually strong, motivated and committed team.

Quality and excellence: We seek to advance in both academic and service excellence with every decision and action we make.


Our University is based on five strategic pillars:

Excellence: we seek to have the best academic programs and methodologies with international standards; first-class faculty developed to its full potential and ideal infrastructure and technology for teaching, researching and innovating. The student receives all necessary services for his student life in the VERITAS Community, in a simple, fast and timely way, always reflecting an innovative service culture and supported on an updated technological foundation.

Technology and innovation: research into new technologies and media are urged, to encourage a generation of creators of technology, innovation and advanced design thinking applied in education. All this is achieved through the integration of technological components and creative programming for the development of entrepreneurship which make VERITAS a pioneer university in technological research.

Financial Health: the University ensures its own financial health through the efficient use of strategic resources, such as people's time, money, equipment and physical space. We promote a good and aggressive enrollment management and strategic management to allow student re-enrollment, reduced dropout and re-entry.

Social Projection: our students perform communal university service with high impact. We effectively disclose the achievements and academic, professional and institutional activities. We keep focus on research and knowledge creation. We keep effective internal processes and external communication.

Internationalization: we establish agreements with universities and local and international institutions that facilitate participation in events, promote sharing of knowledge and student and faculty mobility across institutions. We keep a constant flow of important visitors from other countries to promote updating and reputation.