Cosméticos Naturales Monteverde

Cosméticos Naturales Monteverde

For Cosméticos Naturales Monteverde, certifying us Essential Costa Rica is part of the efforts in continuous improvement, quality, innovation and excellence with which the company has grown and that we can now certify. The values that are part of Esencial Costa Rica represent our company and during this process it has allowed us to make improvements in our processes. Paola Vargas Torres

Paola Vargas Torres, Sales manager

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Monteverde Natural Cosmetics is a family-owned Costa Rican business with more than 12 years of experience. We specialize in producing and offering natural products for personal care that stand out for their innovation, quality and social-environmental responsibility. Our products are made with natural, national and sustainable raw materials that provide a unique, natural, healthy and environmentally friendly personal care experience. We are located on the edge of the Cloud Forest in the community of San Luis de Monteverde.


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