What is the Country Brand?

A country brand is a strategy to position and capitalize on the image of a country on the international market. The aim is to boost the country’s reputation through tourism, investment, or the acquisition of products through exports.

essential COSTA RICA is our country brand. That’s how Costa Rica projects itself to the world, integrally promoting tourism, investment, and exports, along with Costa Rican culture and uniqueness.

essential COSTA RICA works based on two concepts:

Country positioning: We show the characteristics that distinguish us as Costa Ricans: “Pura Vida,” charismatic, hardworking, specialized, and talented.

Country competitiveness: With the aim of fulfilling the promise we have made to the world, we guarantee that the companies that use the country brand represent our values: Excellence, Sustainability, Innovation, Social Progress, and Costa Rican Origin.

The Objectives

The Objectives

Our Brand