In Costa Rica we believe in the transformative power of culture. Art opens a world of possibilities for our citizens, taking their abilities to their maximum level. That’s why the Ministry of Culture and Youth promotes artistic education through different entities.

This ministry promotes the citizens’ rights to access the art and culture of the country, while promoting entrepreneurship and the preservation of national heritage. Events such as the International Festival of the Arts, The Book Fair, the Film Festival, Proartes, The Feria Hecho Aquí (“Made Here Fair”), as well as the inclusion of the indigenous population, and other different artistic entrepreneurial programs, are all part of the boost that this entity gives to Costa Rican artists and the general population.

What’s more, we also have the National Music Education System (SINEM), a program aimed at youth and children from different communities. The goal is for them to learn to play an instrument and to experience being part of an orchestra, a band, or a chamber music group.

The Casa del Artista (“Artist’s House) teaches anyone who wants to learn how to work with sculpture and artisanal products. This center has programs and courses with lots of human content, to meet the expectations and the interests of the students.

Additionally, the National Dance Workshop was created in 1980 to manage, promote, and form this art in all its varieties. The workshop promotes artistic exchanges, and the instructors have contact with relevant national and international dancers.

All of these actions promote the development of Costa Rican culture and add value to our education, forming sensitive, disciplined, and perseverant children and youth.