The Republic of Costa Rica is located in the region of Central America. It borders to the north with the Republic of Nicaragua and to the southeast with the Republic of Panama. Its capital is San Jose, and its official language is Spanish.

Costa Rica’s total area is 51,100 square kilometers, around the size of the state of Louisiana. The country is divided into 7 provinces: Guanacaste, Puntarenas, San Jose, Heredia, Limon, and Cartago. It has an important number of active volcanoes, and its highest point is Cerro Chirripó (3,821 m), located in the Talamanca Cordillera.

The country’s area of 51,100 km2 is very rugged. Its central axis contains a mountain range divided into four cordilleras. These are the sources of the country’s rivers, which flow down to both oceans. In the north, the Central Volcanic Cordillera is an extension of the Rocky Mountains, and in the south the Talamanca Cordillera is the last extension of the Andes.

Costa Rica is one of the smallest republics in Central America, after Belize and El Salvador. We are a very mountainous country with many points over 3,000 m, including Irazú Volcano.