As it is the capital, San Jose is Costa Rica’s business hub. In addition to being close to the main ports, our capital also contains important transportation infrastructure. These include the main ports and airports, which make the country a perfect place for imports, exports, and tourism.

Costa Rica’s location makes sea transport one of the most-used routes for trade. The two most relevant sea ports in the country are Puerto Limon-Moín and Puerto Caldera.

The facilities in Moín include a pier around 987 total meters long, with three docks. This port is only 160 kilometers from San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. Its strategic location and closeness to the Panama Canal make it the most important port in the country, generating numerous exports every year. Its main use is to transport passengers, general merchandise, and containers.

Puerto Caldera has a single pier with three berths measuring 210, 150, and 130 meters long, with respective depths of 11, 10, and 8 meters. This port has a large terminal building designed to handle traffic from cruise ships.

Juan Santamaria Airport is conveniently located just 17 km from San Jose. This provides service to the whole Central Valley, the area that houses 70% of the population of the country.

Additionally, Tobias Bolaños International Airport is the main base for general aviation in the country. Most of the country’s private flights operate out of this airport, including commercial flights for tourism.