Thanks to its strategic location, Costa Rica is positioned in an ideal place for multinational service, life-science, advanced-manufacturing, and light-industry companies to base their operations.

To date, around 250 multinational companies operate within the country.

Services: We provide world-class services, from complex processes to customer service.

Advanced Manufacturing: We work on different complex levels, offering a diversity of manufactured products.

Light Manufacturing: This is an industrial sector that offers the perfect platform for key business partners throughout the world to join.

Agro-Industry and Food Processing: The food industry is in its prime, from traditional products to more exotic crops that are gaining worldwide popularity.

Life Sciences: We are the leading destination in Latin America for investment in medical technology. We produce medical devices from class I to class III.


According to the Ministry of Foreign Trade of Costa Rica, the countries and regions that Costa Rica trades most with are:

  • Countries that Costa Rica exports to: USA (39.7%), followed by the Netherlands (7.1%), Panama (5.5%), Hong Kong (4.9%), Nicaragua (4.5%), and Guatemala (4.0%).
  • Countries that Costa Rica imports from: USA (48.7%) is the main source of imports to the country, followed by China (8.9%), Mexico (6.2%), Japan (2.9%), Brazil (2.1%), and Guatemala (2.1%).

In the year 2016, the products that Costa Rica imported most to the rest of the world were:

  • Agricultural products (27%)
  • Medical and precision equipment (26%)
  • Food products (16%)
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical products (6%)
  • Electrical components and electronics (5%)
  • Plastics (4%)
  • Metal-mechanic products (3%)
  • Seafood (3%)
  • Rubber (2%)
  • Others (7%)