Our Nation Brand, essential COSTA RICA was created through the presidential decree 37669 on May 14, 2013, it is apolitical and non-religious.

It has three main components: the Inter-institutional Committee, the Technical Unit, and the Marketing and Nation Brand Department. These three components are conformed by:

  • The Costa Rican Foreign Trade Promoter (PROCOMER) is the pillar of support for Costa Rican companies. It is an inclusive institution that generates business with a purpose.

  • The Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT)  aims to strengthen the Costa Rican sustainable tourism development model through the definition of public policies, alliances, programs, and projects to encourage competitiveness, sustainability, equity, solidarity, and a pleasant stay for tourists. Always looking to improve the living standards of Costa Ricans.

  • The Ministry of Foreign Trade is the governmental institution responsible for the definition, coordination, and management of the investment and trade policies of Costa Rica.

  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship carries out all negotiations with foreign governments and institutions.

  • The Ministry of Culture and Youth promotes the citizens’ rights to access the art and culture of the country, while promoting entrepreneurship and the preservation of national heritage.