Our Values

Our Values

The heart of our essence

To protect the correct essence of our Nation Brand, we established five values that create a differentiating position towards external and internal audiences. They are the components that make up who we are, what we believe in, and what we aim to achieve.


With 6.5% of the world's biodiversity, being green is in our DNA. Costa Ricans were born and raised with sustainability as a way of life, it is embedded deeply in our culture and traditions.

We have the responsibility to meet current needs, without compromising the environmental security of future generations. This balance ensures proper environmental, social, and financial management.


We like to make things right, and we do not settle for anything less than excellent. A brief conversation with a tico will show you our creative, witty, and smart way of getting things done.

We believe added value offered by a product or service, makes it special and unique. We define excellence through traits such as creativity, talent, and specialization of human resources.


We think outside the box. The creativity of our people and our continual transformation are key ingredients for achieving successful solutions. Innovation makes us competitive, it keeps us alive, and makes us stand out from the rest.

Costa Ricans are unique, doing things differently makes us proud!

Social Progress

The employees who work in a company that uses the country brand seal ensure their personal and professional growth, guaranteeing that they will reach their maximum potential and develop all of their abilities while helping the company evolve.

Costa Rican Rooting

We are proud of what we are made of. Our products and services are developed, patented, and improved within the country.