Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully these terms and conditions of use (hereafter referred to as “terms and conditions”) before accessing any of our services.

Accessing the website of the Nation Brand, esencial COSTA RICA, located in San Jose, Costa Rica, implies that the user accepts the usage guidelines for the site, as well as the content in the clause regarding the applicable intellectual property rights, and the Privacy and Security Policy.

The user should refer to the specific conditions established for the access and use of specific services within the website of the esencial COSTA RICA nation brand.

Access to the site is free and does not generate any commercial, contractual, or professional relationship of any kind between the users and esencial COSTA RICA.

These terms and conditions are applicable to all users of the site. Nonetheless, if new sections are added to the site in the future, and they provide specific services, esencial COSTA RICA may include them in this document as an additional section.

The site may include access to forums with a moderator, which may express the personal opinions or thoughts of those who participate on the forum, regarding a wide variety of topics. The content of these forums and the links included therein to other external sites are reviewed, monitored, or approved by the nation brand esencial COSTA RICA, which is the editor of the contents of those forums, or of the sites which may be accesses through them.

The text, as well as any other material published on these forums, expresses the opinion of a specific author and is not the opinion of esencial COSTA RICA. If you believe for any reason that the published information is offensive, notify the Administration at [email protected].

Users agree not to access or attempt to access the account of another user, and not to falsify or attempt to falsify their identity while using the site or any of the systems that they have permission to access.


Rules for online behavior

It is expressly prohibited to use the site for the following purposes:

  1. To organize activities for organized political parties.
  2. To publish content that defames or threatens other people.
  3. To make fanatical, hateful, or racially-offensive statements.
  4. To publish content that discusses illegal activities, with the intention of committing them.
  5. To publish content that infringes on the intellectual property of others, including, but not limited to, copyrights, registered marks, or trade secrets.
  6. To publish material that contains language or images that may be considered vulgar or obscene.
  7. To publish any publicity or any other kind of commercial solicitation.

Material that is protected by copyright or by any other legal right, such as software, graphics, text, photographs, sounds, videos, or music, may not be published on the site, without the express authorization of the owner of such material. 

Permission for the use of materials

As part of the user’s agreement with the Terms and Conditions contained herein, esencial COSTA RICA will issue an access key (for those sections requiring one) which is personal and non-transferable.

Limitations of use

The user agrees to only use the site for legal purposes. As the user agrees to the above terms, if a third party claims that any material published on the site is illegal, the user will be liable for demonstrating that the material in question complies with applicable laws. Additionally, esencial COSTA RICA reserves the right to eliminate material from the site, to block access, or to take any other actions regarding the published material, at its own discretion, although it is not obligated to do so. The user may not use the data resources of esencial COSTA RICA to distribute unsolicited publicity or any promotional material of any kind.


This site contains links to sites outside the domain of esencial COSTA RICA. The respective titleholders of these sites are liable for contents of their sites, and esencial COSTA RICA neither guarantees nor approves of said content.


This site, as well as any information or services related to it, are provided “as is,” with the guarantee that the information is real and pertinent. In regard to external sites, esencial COSTA RICA hereby rejects any guarantee, whether express or implied, regarding the exactness, appropriateness, or completeness of a site, of the information obtained therein, or of the link. esencial COSTA RICA does not guarantee that these sites will work without interruption or without errors, or that they are free of viruses or other damaging components. The use of the information obtained through these sites is done through at the users’ own risk. In particular, esencial COSTA RICA will bear no liability for consequential indirect, punitive, special, accidental, foreseen, or unforeseen damages (including, but not limited to, lawsuits for defamation, errors, data loss or interruption of data availability), which are related to these terms and conditions, for the use or inability to use a site, for any publication that a user may make on the site, or for the reliability of the information obtained through a site. The user is liable for any damages and/or injuries of any nature that may arise through non-compliance with these terms and conditions or any other applicable regulations, and as such esencial COSTA RICA is free of all administrative, civil, or penal liability, or all other kind of liability.

Intellectual and Industrial Property

The logo, name, mark, design, and all the images that identify esencial COSTA RICA within the site belong to esencial COSTA RICA. The use, reproduction, copying, or redistribution of them without the written permission of esencial COSTA RICA is prohibited. All other registered marks that appear on the site belong to their respective owners and as such their use, reproduction, copying, or redistribution is also prohibited, without the express permission of their owners.

Your account

When using any of the intranets on the site or any of the available restricted-access sections, the user is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their accounts and passwords, and for restricting access to their computers, as the user is liable for all activities that occur through the use of their accounts. esencial COSTA RICA reserves the right to deny service, close accounts, or remove or edit contents, as it deems appropriate.


This site may contain errors or omissions in its information. esencial COSTA RICA reserves the right to correct these errors or omissions.


These terms and conditions constitute an agreement between you and esencial COSTA RICA in regard to the mentioned topics, and they supersede any other previous agreement or agreements, whether oral or written, which may be in effect.

Complaints related to Copyright

esencial COSTA RICA respects the property rights of others. If you believe that your copyright has been violated on the site of PROCOMER, you may contact us at this e-mail address: [email protected]

Jurisdiction and Applicable Laws

Any dispute or conflict that may arise from using this site shall be resolved in accordance with the valid legislation of Costa Rica, under the jurisdiction and authority of the courts of the Republic, with the express renunciation of any other forum or jurisdiction which may apply by law.