Who we are

Why our Nation Brand is essential

Our Nation Brand is our Costa Rican way of welcoming everyone to our land through our values and tico essence. Nation branding is the strategy to position and capitalize on a country’s image in the international market. It aims to grow the nation’s positive reputation through tourism, foreign direct investments, and exports.

From Destination Brand to Nation Brand

Previously Costa Rica strategically positioned itself as a destination brand, emphasizing its natural beauty, the happiness of its people, and an authentic experience. A comprehensive perception study in 79 countries revealed that Costa Rica was seen as a green nation with global connectivity potential. Consulting a pioneering company, they crafted the nation brand, “esencial COSTA RICA“. Subsequently, “esencial COSTA RICA” was officially established as the nation’s brand via a presidential decree, in 2013, after years of research and positioning efforts. International outreach and visibility were prioritized through participation in trade fairs, embassies, commercial missions, and events. The creation of a licensing protocol and the formation of the Inter-institutional Committee of the Nation Brand, involving key organizations, further reinforced the strategic initiative.

For years, Costa Rica was positioned as a Destination Brand, through the Costa Rican Tourism Board (Instituto Costarricense de Turismo, ICT). Our natural attractions, the happiness of our people and no artificial ingredients, were the key messages that represented Costa Rica to the world.


We did a national and international (79 countries) study of the perception of Costa Rica; the results showed that Costa Rica is perceived as a green country with the potential to connect more with the world.


We received consultation from a pioneering company to develop the country brand. The name chosen was "esencial Costa Rica", as it shows human traits as a differentiator that highlights Costa Rican competitiveness.


Market research shows the different facets of Costa Rica in terms of exports, tourism, and foreign investment.


After several years of market research and perception studies, esencial Costa Rica was officialized as our Nation Brand through a presidential decree. We also began an international positioning process for the Nation Brand at potential locations like international trade and tourism fairs, a presence in embassies and consulates, commercial missions, and international events.


The licensing protocol was also created, and the Inter-institutional Committee of the Nation Brand, which is formed by (with abbreviations in Spanish): Foreign Trade Promotion Board of Costa Rica (PROCOMER), Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT), Costa Rican Coalition of Development Initiatives (CINDE), Ministry of Foreign Trade (COMEX), Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship.

essential Costa Rica operates under two criteria


essential COSTA RICA is more than a tagline for us, it’s a commitment to showcase our country, and invite the entire world to experience the essence of our talented people, and unbelievable nature. Meet our objectives.

We are excited to close new deals! One of our objectives is attracting foreign direct investment to the country in strategic sectors such as high-tech manufacturing and high value-added services.

We want to transport you to the tropics with our products. We promote the export of value-added products in which their sense of exclusivity, distinction, and international quality is appreciated.

We want you to join us! That’s why we attract different types of selective tourism, such as business, adventure, and sustainable tourism.

We also care about ourselves. We promote the involvement of internal audiences at three levels: information, opinion, and decision, through which persuasion and brand recognition are achieved internally.

We care about the future. We are building, through communications, a Nation Brand that is anchored in the present, with a strong vision for the future.