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Agrícola El Cántaro S.A.

Agrícola El Cántaro S.A. is characterized by a permanent pursuit of greatness, order and innovation. This lies at the heart of the company as a strategic vision for maintaining relevance in the marketplace as well as giving it´s workforce reasons to keep motivation and take pride in their workplace. It holds various internationally renowned certifications such as Carbon Neutrality, Rainforest Alliance and the 5 white stars of the Bandera Azul Ecológica program by the ministry of agriculture ( highest award possible in the program). The next logical step was then achieve the seal of international excellence and Costa Rica´s country brand, Esencial Costa Rica. A steadfast confirmation of the company´s commitment to commercial excellence in the international and national panorama.

Emmanuel Corrales Rojas
Encargado de RRHH y Certificaciones

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Agrícola El Cántaro S.A. was conceived in the year 1990 with one sole goal, to lead and pave the way forward for progressive agriculture, serving as a worldwide example in it´s three core aspects: technology, sustainability and social justice. Currently, the company consists of 4 mayor divisions, namely, the specialty coffee division called Santa Anita Estate, sugar cane production, rice production and specialized tropical cattle farming. Santa Anita Estate is a regional and worldwide referent in specialty coffee production and commercialization, with long term clients in over 10 countries. In the year 2016, Santa Anita became the world´s first carbon neutral certified estate coffee in the world.