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Representing our country has always been an honor for us, being licensees of Esencial Costa Rica places an even greater responsibility in our hands to always leave our national territory, our people and all the natural wealth that we have upheld. Licda.Gisella Solera ArroyoGisella Solera Arroyo – Sub Gerencia General

Gisella Solera Arroyo
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Amadeus is a receptive travel agency, founded on March 3, 1994, by Mr. Wolfgang Spelitz, with the purpose of offering and carrying out responsible ecological-rural tourism in the country of Costa Rica. It is a small company but with a great vision, we have supported sustainable tourism in this country since its inception. We have qualified personnel for the work of attention, organization and planning of the itineraries of our clients. We are located in Santa Barbara de Heredia. Our DNA has among its elements a lot of inclusion of people with disabilities, defense of human and animal rights, protection of the environment, alleviation of poverty among other causes that move our hearts to work so that people who do not have access to certain opportunities , obtain them through our corporate social responsibility projects.