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Assukkar S.A. has been growing its operations, expanding the variety of its products and diversifying its markets. Today it is in a leading position in the national market under the Dulce-T brand and serves as one of the main suppliers of certified organic whole sugars worldwide. It seeks to differentiate itself nationally and internationally under the Esencial Costa Rica brand, certifying each of its high quality standards, through an approach of continuous improvement, innovation and values that have characterized the company throughout the years.Mariela Gómez Merayo – Commercial Management / Marian Ortiz Rodríguez – Exportation & Logistics Assitant

Mariela Gómez Merayo
Commercial Management / Marian Ortiz Rodríguez

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We are a family owned agro-industrial company, with more than 60 years of experience Panela is grown and manufactured by our company Assukkar. We offer whole and organic products derived from sugar cane, while working in a sustainable way with our employees, society and the environment. Over the years we have acquired certifications that demonstrate our efforts to offer high quality products nationally and internationally.