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The decision to license Country Brand was a strategic step for BioQuintas in its quest to consolidate its position as a benchmark in the residential real estate market. According to the company’s official spokesperson, Vanessa Cardona Sánchez, this measure was adopted with the intention of strengthening the image of our brand and projecting a solid and attractive national identity. BioQuintas, in its commitment to offering more than just properties, seeks to project the essence of what it really means to live in Costa Rica. By licensing the Country Brand, BioQuintas hopes not only to highlight its products and services, but also to contribute to the economic and tourism development of the country, establishing alliances with various public and private actors to promote investment and sustainable growth.

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Since 2016, at BioQuintas we have been dedicated to the development, sale and financing of high-value real estate in natural environments. Each project we undertake is unique, but we share a commitment to preserving natural wealth throughout the process. Our main objective is to impact as little as possible during our developments, prioritizing sustainability and respect for the environment. At BioQuintas, we not only offer lots and villas, we create unmatched life experiences. We specialize in providing our clients with the opportunity to build their dreams in environments that reflect harmony and quality of life. Every detail of our projects is carefully designed so that each homeowner can enjoy a full life, surrounded by natural beauty and modern comforts. In each of our developments, we meticulously fuse urban elegance with natural serenity, creating spaces where well-being is the cornerstone of each experience.