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Bona Sort Costa Rica Compañía, S.A.

At Bona Sort Costa Rica Company, S.A., we are a company committed to social and environmental responsibility, which is why we chose to participate in the licensing process as a Marca País. We recognize the importance of social and environmental responsibility in today’s business environment, and obtaining the Marca País certification demonstrates our commitment to high-quality standards sought after by the organization. Bona Sort Costa Rica aims to be at the forefront of excellence and competitiveness in the global market. By adhering to the 5 essential values of the Country Brand, we support and drive the continuous improvement of our processes, products, and services. This not only strengthens our reputation but also allows us to access new markets and business opportunities worldwide.Jordi Colomer Francoli

Jordi Colomer Francoli

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Bona Sort Costa Rica, S.A. is a company specialized in international trade and all the logistics involved in the export process of Wet Salted Cattle Hides and Cypress Wood Logs specifically to the People’s Republic of China. The company was founded in 2008 in San Jose, Costa Rica, and thanks to the business relationships of the legal representative with the Chinese government, it opened up the Free Trade Agreement between both republics, making it a pioneer in Wet Salted Cattle Hides. It managed to position itself as the number one exporter of both products to China in 2022.