Cafe De altura De San Ramon Especial S.A - Cafe De altura De San Ramon Especial S.A

Cafe De altura De San Ramon Especial S.A

We have decided to obtain this prestigious Country Mark since it helps us with the commitment and dedication that we must have in our company with well-structured controls from the environmental part to the industrial part. For the company it is a pride to obtain this Mark since nationally and internationally it is highly recognized and it is an honor to be able to wear it.



Medy Alonso Gonzales Burgos

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We are a coffee processing company with 17 years of experience always working on continuous improvement both in the quality of our products and in the management of our operational waste and the environment. San Ramón is a place of great historical and political relevance in Costa Rica, agricultural activity is the main economic axis of the region, and within this, coffee is the crop of greatest social and economic importance. In 2004, a group of small coffee growers (536) felt the need to unite to face the challenges of the modern world and formed Café De Altura de San Ramón Especial S.A. as a different model of organization. Today the company processes excellent quality coffee from more than 3,500 small producers, coming from four coffee-growing regions of Costa Rica: Valle Occidental, whose coffee is marketed under the Café de Altura brand; coming from the Central Valley, Miramar, Tres Ríos and Tarrazu. Recognized worldwide for their excellent quality and winners of international awards.