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Caminando Costa Rica is strongly compromised toward the environment and the local population. This vision is intrinsically part of the company´s philosophy from its beginnings. Marca País shares these values and helps us share this message with our clients and providers. Yariela Zuñiga Cespedes

Yariela Zuñiga Cespedes

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Caminando Costa Rica is a local travel agency authorized by the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism, it has been established in San José since 2004. The agency specializes in designing customized holidays on the whole national territory focusing at the beginning on adventure tourism and predominantly trekking. It mainly works with the French-speaking market however the company also has a very experienced English-speaking team. Originally, Caminando Costa Rica was exclusively organizing trekking trips for groups of French hikers in several rural areas of the country. These 15 years of expertise within the field of rural tourism in Costa Rica are reflected in the type of products offered by the agency with numerous experiences of community tourism in contact with rural and indigenous population. However, Caminando Costa Rica currently offers a very wide panel of activities and experiences from an out of the beaten track tour to a more classical itinerary, luxury products and honeymoon.