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Over the years, Central de Mangueras has sought to develop the commercial management adjusted to the best quality processes and care for the environment, which is why in 2002 we achieved the first quality certification with ISO 9000 standars, now that the country has his own standard, is not the exception. The adoption of Esencial Costa Rica becomes a natural step for our company in the face of a commitment assumed many years ago with quality, in an environment of innovation and care for the environment of our country.

Andrea Venegas Fallas
Gestora de Calidad

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Central de Mangueras has 45 years of leadership in a highly specialized commercial sector, with a differentiated offer in an Industrial and Automotive sector with many participants, from vehicle repair shops to the medical industry, and leaving an indelible mark on all types of agricultural activity that takes place in the country. The company has evolved and in addition to offering spare parts, original parts and equipment, has increased there services, with Workshops that offer product and service solutions, providing our customers with more and better options that contribute to their productivity and that of the country.