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Compañía Agrícola Industrial PROPICA S.A

We decided to opt for the Country Brand license because of the prestige and image that this licensing has been gaining. Also because our product, being from Costa Rica, is recognized as being of higher quality.

Luis Fernando Mora Rodríguez

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PROPICA S.A. is a Costa Rican agro industry that has been operating since 1990 in the Northern Zone of Costa Rica. Our processing plant is located in La Tigra de San Carlos and we currently have production projects in various areas throughout the country: Sarapiqui, Rio Cuarto de Grecia, San Ramon and San Carlos. The company was born as an initiative of several visionary entrepreneurs, with extensive experience in the food sector, and who see in Costa Rica the opportunity to generate differentiated products for their quality and, at the same time, to cooperate with the generation of opportunities and the improvement of the quality of life, especially for small and medium national producers.