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CoopeAgri R.L.

At CoopeAgri, a 100% Costa Rican cooperative, we saw in the Country Brand an alignment with our fundamental principles and values. This distinction provides us with a solid corporate identity that improves our operations by seeking opportunities to develop our products in international markets. In addition, it allows us to explore new marketing strategies for our products and be part of a network of companies that share the same objectives and values. This, in turn, gives us the possibility of establishing commercial links and accessing opportunities for continuous improvement.

Jonathan Durán Mora
Gerente Ventas Internacionales

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CoopeAgri R.L., is a social solidarity economy company founded on November 25, 1962 in San Isidro de Pérez Zeledón. Today, with more than 6 thousand active associates, it has become a leading company, which has promoted economic growth in the southern area of ​​Costa Rica, classifying itself as a model at the national and international level. It is distinguished by a high humanistic sense thanks to its diversification that covers agricultural areas (own production of sugar cane, coffee, cocoa and banana), agroindustrial (production and marketing of coffee, sugar and organic fertilizer), commercial (six supermarkets, a convenience store, two agricultural supply stores, a fuel station and a hardware store), and services (medical clinic and forestry area).