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Coopedota R.L.
We decided to graduate as Essential Costa Rica because we are a 100% Costa Rican company, that we work every day to maintain those roots and values that made us great as a country. We always look for excellence, sustainability and innovation in all processes. Our cooperative philosophy forces us to contribute to the social progress of our associates and the community that surrounds us, so we are convinced that we represent the Costa Rican essence in a good way.Monserrath Hernández Sánchez – Directora Comercial

Monserrath Hernández Sánchez
Directora Comercial

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Coopedota R.L is a cooperative of 900 coffee-producing associates that receives 65,000 bushels of this product, recognized for its quality worldwide. It markets roasted coffee in the country with its brands Café Quetzal, Reserva Especial, Dotarrazú, Dota Fresh and Hermosa, produces the world’s first carbon neutral coffee. It also exports to all parts of the world. It also has a quetzal pure water line, a supply store, a tour operator and a barista school.