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Coopelibertad R.L., wants to be more competitive nationally and internationally, for this reason we constantly work on issues of social, environmental and business responsibility; With this license it is a way of demonstrating the efforts we make, as well as showing that we are characterized by brand values: excellence, sustainability, innovation, social progress and Costa Rican origin.Lic. Guillermo Trejos Soto – General Manager

Lic. Guillermo Trejos Soto
General Manager

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Coopelibertad R.L. was born in 1961, in one of the most significant moments for cooperativism in Costa Rica and it came to represent a solution for coffee producers in the Heredia area to obtain better results from their agricultural work. Since the foundation, the Cooperative has worked shoulder to shoulder with its associates, in the search for the common good and thus become a support for the improvement of its economic and social situation; through the cultivation of coffee.