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Espressivo Bistró

We decided to get licensed because we share the five values of Brand Country: sustainability (balancing our environmental, social, and financial management), excellence (our products and services are of the highest quality), connection with citizenship (our coffees, breads, and supplies are made on national territory), innovation (we are constantly training and evaluating), and social progress (we ensure the well-being of our collaborators and clients). Spokesperson: Gerardo Araya – Manager of Espressivo Bistro.

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Good times have a reserved spot in the eastern part of the city. Join us at our Espressivo Bistro, where we specialize in coffee and snacks, as well as in creating the best spaces to enrich the soul. Years dedicated to crafting exquisite drinks, perfecting our menu, and devising environments to delight the spirit make our coffee the preferred choice for escaping the daily hustle and bustle. Enhance this experience with delicious sweet and savory pastries. Furthermore, because at Espressivo we truly love coffee, we offer a wide variety of beans from across the country, as well as the best extraction methods to heighten your senses. We also provide roasting services for those with refined tastes who want to bring quality coffee to their homes. We await you in this corner with a coffee-loving soul. Visit us at Momentum Pinares Shopping Center.”