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We live in times where the image of a country is very important in the international market, in Costa Rica we seek to encourage a positive reputation through tourism, investment and the acquisition of products through exports, ´´essential COSTA RICA ´´ is our country brand, and as Procomer has promoted it, this is the way to project Costa Rica to the world. Keeping up with the Costa Rican culture and idiosyncrasy, we want to make known what we can do together, for this reason, it is a source of pride for Etiplast to tell you that we are now part of ´´essential Costa Rica´´.Sergio Ulate-Gerente comercial

Sergio Ulate
Gerente comercial

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Etiplast S.A. It is a Central American company with more than 35 years of experience in the manufacture and distribution of a wide range of packaging products as well as solutions for industry and commerce in general. Keeping up with Globalization we have clients in the U.S.A, South America, and Central America, with operations in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.