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Evertec, as a leading technology company, it has not only been concerned with caring for the communities it serves, promoting a safe and inclusive workplace for its employees, and protecting the environment; but it has also managed to continue traveling the route that has been traced in the country for more than 23 years, contributing with its technology to the competitiveness and economic growth of Costa Rica, for this reason, obtaining the country brand license represented a milestone. To reaffirm Evertec’s position aligned with the values of essential Costa Rica.
Jimmy Solano Blanco – Country Manager

Jimmy Solano Blanco
Country Manager

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EVERTEC, Inc. (NYSE: EVTC) is a leading full-service transaction processing business in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and Latin America, providing a broad range of merchant acquiring, payment services and business process management services. Evertec owns and operates the ATH® network, one of the leading personal identification number (“PIN”) debit networks in Latin America. In addition, the Company manages a system of electronic payment networks and offers a comprehensive suite of services for core banking, cash processing and fulfillment in Puerto Rico, that process over three billion transactions annually. The Company also offers technology outsourcing in all the regions it serves. Based in Puerto Rico, the Company operates in 26 Latin American countries and serves a diversified customer base of leading financial institutions, merchants, corporations and government agencies with “mission-critical” technology solutions.