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Exportadora Frumar S.A.

We identify with the values of the Costa Rica Essential Country Brand, by the values of our company, the origin of our 100% Costa Rican productsGustavo Valverde Lippa

Gustavo Valverde Lippa

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History, Mission and Vision Our services began in 1987 as a small fish distributor seeking to bring forth to our customers’ the highest quality of products from the sea. From the onset, our catch has been made solely through artisanal methods, using Costar Rican fleets fishing exclusively in national waters. Our processes fully comply with the highest hygiene and quality standards. Frumar’s products have been enjoyed around the globe, and today, after 30 years in the market, our clients continue savoring our products with the same satisfaction that has characterized us from the start. Mission We are a company that acquires, processes and markets marine products in accordance with the requirements established by the different local and international regulations, guaranteeing our customers and consumers the best quality and safety. Vision Achieve excellence in our processes to offer customers a trusted brand and be identified as the leading company in Costa Rica in exports of seafood products always hand in hand with sustainability. Business Values: •Excellence •Commitment •Passion •Customer Focus