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Ganadera Hermanos Alfaro S.A.

For Ganadera Hermanos Alfaro, being a solid Country Brand not only means being recognized for its excellence in genetic breeding and technological development in livestock farming, but also highlighting the commitment to sustainability, animal welfare and the quality of its products. By applying technology and innovation in its agricultural practices, from genetic selection to livestock management and dairy production, the company not only positions itself as a leader in the sector, but also projects an image of modernity, efficiency and responsibility. environmental. This comprehensive approach not only strengthens its position in the national and international market, but also contributes to the country’s prestige and reputation as a leader in the livestock industry, thus highlighting its role as a Country Brand of excellence and avant-garde in the agricultural sector.

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Ganadera Hermanos Alfaro is a livestock company that excels in the genetic development and breeding of the Jersey breed through the application of innovative technology. With a focus on A2 genetics and genetic improvement, the company positions itself as a leader in the production of high-quality dairy products. Its commitment to excellence and sustainability sets it apart in the livestock industry, where each animal is treated with care and attention to ensure its well-being. Since its inception, Ganadera Hermanos Alfaro has embraced the premise that the future of livestock farming lies in genetic development and advanced technology. This is reflected in their dedication to continuous improvement and the implementation of data- and analytics-driven breeding practices. With a highly trained team and an organizational culture focused on innovation, the company remains at the forefront of market trends and continues to raise quality standards in the livestock industry. In addition to its focus on quality and innovation, Ganadera Hermanos Alfaro also prioritizes animal welfare and environmental sustainability. From the provision of comfortable facilities to the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices.