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“Since 2015, Grupo Purdy is proudly licensed Essential Costa Rica, which is our country’s brand. Thanks to that effort, we became the first mobility company in the country to obtain it. This reaffirms our integral leadership, as well as the quality, excellence, innovation, and commitment that we have as a sustainable business to contribute to the progress and development of the country. This license also makes it easier for us to continue promoting our goal of offering products and services with the highest standards, which is possible thanks to the talent of our “Purdy Family.” Ana María Sequeira Director of Corporate Relations and Sustainability Grupo PurdyAna Campos Meza

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We are a business group founded on January 8th, 1957. With more than 66 years in the Costa Rican market and more than 10 in the United States, Grupo Purdy, through its comprehensive leadership, has dedicated itself to facilitating and connecting people’s lives by providing reliable and sustainable mobility solutions. We have a wide platform of brands that have the support of the Group such as Toyota, Lexus, Hino, Subaru, Ford and Volkswagen. Our purpose is to achieve the impossible and we do this thanks to the trust and loyalty of our customers, as well as our “Purdy Family”.