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Hacienda El Cenizaro Tours & Adventures

Joining Costa Rica’s essential country brand is crucial for our company for several reasons. Firstly, by associating our brand with Costa Rica’s positive image and reputation, we will be able to increase the credibility and trust of our customers. We contribute to the national effort to promote Costa Rica as a quality, sustainable, and culturally rich destination. We will open up business opportunities and strengthen relationships with the government and other local companies. By aligning ourselves with Costa Rica’s values and identity, we can differentiate ourselves in the international market and leverage the prestige associated with the country brand to expand our reach and increase our global competitiveness.

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Welcome to one of the last havens away from conventional tourist destinations in the country, where tourism is beginning to evolve into a lifestyle. Here, the life of the cowboy (Sabanero) and the vast cattle ranches maintain their authentic charm. Our ATV Tours and Horseback Rides, take place on a farm of over 500 hectares, a private space delimited by nature, in an ecosystem of healthy and diversified life within the Dry Tropical Forest environment. Your adventure begins with a short 20-minute journey from Hotel Dreams Las Mareas or 5 minutes from the town of La Cruz to our welcome center. There, our staff will greet you warmly, providing a bottle of water to give you the energy needed to enjoy our activities.