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Finca Rosa Blanca supports all programs related to guaranteeing quality standards and excellent service, which is why we join companies that share the same values as ours. This being a hallmark and a differentiating element between companies. Having this Country brand generates value and makes tourists who visit Costa Rica do so on recommendation and because they have a specific interest in the country.Jhonny Alvarado

Jhonny Alvarado

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Finca Rosa Blanca recognizes that the culture, environment and economy of the local community are fragile, requiring a strong commitment on our part to ensure that we have a lasting positive effect. Our hotel can be a community contributor through revenue sharing, education, positive cultural exchange, and through a financial incentive to protect the natural environment, while providing a high-quality experience for our guests. We will educate our guests about sustainable tourism in the hope that they will seek other experiences and thus a proliferation of sustainable hotels with a similar vision. Hand in hand with our star product, which is coffee that is planted under the shade and respecting all ecosystems, the environment and making efficient use of the resources available.