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We believe in the importance of being bilingual as an avenue to creating more and better job opportunities. We also believe in the importance of being able to bring companies closer to the human talent they require. Representing the national brand not only positions Idioma Internacional as a company committed to language training and evaluations in Costa Rica, but also endorses the quality of our team and services so that they continue to cross borders.Brian Logan. General Manager

Brian Logan. General Manager

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At Idioma Internacional, we have over 20 years’ experience working as a strategic partner with companies, NGO’s and government institutions. Our professional approach of continuous and high-quality innovation has allowed us to serve companies and individuals in Costa Rica and throughout the Americas with their language needs. We help improve the skills of human talent through business English classes and specialized English. We also evaluate English, French and Portuguese language proficiency for collaborators and candidates alike for companies in a fast, economical and scalable manner through our BELT test.