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We decided to license ourselves in the country brand for several reasons. Some of them may include: 1. Identification and association: By licensing ourselves under the country brand Essencial Costa Rica, our company is associated with the values, image, and positive reputation of the country. This helps us improve our own perception and build a strong brand identity. 2. Credibility and trust: Essencial Costa Rica can grant us greater credibility and trust among our consumers, demonstrating a commitment to the positive values and attributes associated with Costa Rica. 3. Access to new markets: By using the country brand in our services, we can facilitate entry into new international markets where that brand enjoys recognition and prestige. In conclusion, Essencial Costa Rica is an effective strategy to strengthen the image and reputation of Kaima Rent a Car, following the values that characterize us as TICOS, providing added value and generating trust among existing and potential customers, while also opening up new business opportunities.

Asdrúbal Hidalgo Mata
Gerente General

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Kaima Rent a Car is a company focused on offering car rental service with quality and reasonable prices for your vacations or work activities. Located in the province of San José, Pérez Zeledón county, we pick up and drop off to the entire southern region of Costa Rica, SJO Airport, San Jose, Alajuela, Heredia, and Cartago. We offer 4×4 SUV and sedan car for your greater tranquility and comfort in the adventure you choose in Costa Rica.Tour the green landscapes and beautiful beaches of Costa Rica in a vehicle of Kaima Rent a Car so that we can be part of your relaxed and carefree holiday. Whether your trip is for business or pleasure, we are waiting to be part of your experience on car rental.