Los Pinos Cabañas & Jardines - Los Pinos Cabañas & Jardines

Los Pinos Cabañas & Jardines

Los Pinos is a family business of “Ticos” neighbors of Monteverde since its origins. We are already the fifth generation living in the mountains of the Cloud Forest, unique in the world for its diversity and endemism. We are dedicated to sustainable accommodation in cabins equipped for couples and / or families, with kitchen, dining room, TV room, terraces, BBQ and fireplaces. We also manage our own private reserve by measuring and reducing our ecological footprint. We seek to support local development initiatives for the community of Monteverde, since it is our environment and we rely on a triangular, economic, social and environmental sustainability.Rafael E. Arguedas Morales – Gerente General

Rafael E. Arguedas Morales
Gerente General

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Essential brings us closer to living the values of the brand within Los Pinos. We are believers in that Costa Rica needs to show the world its culture of “Pura Vida” and for that we must provide high standards shown in a seal of trust and support.