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Matadero del Valle S.A.

For us, Country Brand helps us to improve our processes and to differentiate ourselves from the rest, to boost ourselves in the international market; always maintaining the requirements of our clients and guaranteeing the excellence, sustainability, social progress and innovation of our organization.Lucia Beatriz Gómez Chaves – Director

Lucia Beatriz Gómez Chaves

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We are a 100% Costa Rican company with a family tradition, which we strive every day to make a difference between the competitors in the sector, offering services and products with quality and safety, we fight so that our partners have commitment and passion to serve our customers. Matadero del Valle is a harvest plant for local consumption and certified for export. Currently, it provides a service for the processing of cattle and pigs, and also commercializes beef and pork. Our commitment to minimize environmental impacts, for this we have wastewater treatment, vermicompost production and organic fertilizer. Also within our business unit we have a rendering plant, where meat and bone meal of animal origin is produced, which are the main ingredients for the formation of animal diets. We have a HACCP System, where the safety of the products and the compliance with international and national standards are guaranteed, our meat products are certified by SENASA.