NAVSAT – Navegación Satelital de Costa Rica S.A. - NAVSAT – Navegación Satelital de Costa Rica S.A.

NAVSAT – Navegación Satelital de Costa Rica S.A.

At NAVSAT we made the decision to be certified as Essential Costa Rica, because our business values are closely related to everything that this initiative entails. We are a 100% Costa Rican company, with the values that distinguish us ticos, and with a very strong commitment to the environmental and cultural approach that our team imprints on our operations. We represent Excellence and Sustainability, we are distinguished by Innovation; and we identify with the concept that the essence of NAVSAT are our collaborators and, therefore, we want to continue projecting our company to other countries using as the main competitive differentiator the fact that in NAVSAT we are all essential COSTA RICA.Mauricio Chacón – Gerente Comercial

Mauricio Chacón
Gerente Comercial

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Since 2006, in NAVSAT we have been innovating and providing the best technological solutions for Fleet Control by GPS, which we have complemented with other products and services related to Means of Payment for the loading of fuels and automation in the capture of information managed by field personnel, directly from the point of sale, through mobile applications. All this with a team of collaborators who make a difference and are our main competitive advantage. We use the most advanced technologies, but at the same time easier to use and integrate into any operation. Our GPS fleet management and monitoring products, and navigation solutions boast millions of days of use and thousands of satisfied customers. NAVSAT’s corporate solutions are unrivaled in the market, due to their level of reliability and adaptation to the requirements of each company. In addition, we offer solutions for remote workforce management and asset monitoring, so your business can operate with world-class efficiency standards.