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Nicoverde S.A
To raise the standards of competitiveness at an international level, strengthening the company’s processes to produce in a sustainable way and in favor of the environment and society.Jorge Sánchez Ualte – General Manager

Jorge Sánchez Ualte
General Manager

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It represents excellence in all areas in which they develop their business operations. Our commitment is to satisfy and exceed the needs and expectations of our customers, offering them healthy and safe, legal and authentic products that meet the specified quality, to achieve the highest level of health and well-being of our employees, in accordance with current regulations and legislation on Occupational Health. The products that we will use for the protection of our crops and packaging, will be used under the concept of efficiency and effectiveness, incorporating the use of microorganisms and biofertilizers, with the aim of reducing the load of agrochemicals in our production processes, this coupled with their use being authorized in the country where we operate for cultivation and the country of destination, We are committed to preventing any type of illicit activity.