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Parque Viva decides to be licensed to Marca País because it stands out as a unique and unconventional venue in the region, among the venues of Central America. Parque Viva represents Costa Rican values, sustainability and equal opportunities. We recently received the award for the most accessible venue in the country and we are contributing to the development of Costa Rican society. Kathia Rojas

Kathia Rojas

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Parque Viva is the first center of entertainment in Central America. In 20,000 m2 of construction it reunites a Coca-Cola Amphitheater, race track and a convention center. Its design guarantee the best experiences for the attendees. The Park has 4 enabled accesses with a total of 15 lanes for vehicles, pedestrian accesses, 2 emergency exits and a staff entry. Parque Viva offers space for 4,500 parking spots. The entire area has ramps, accesses and spaces that comply with the 7600 law. The Coca-Cola Amphitheater was designed with the advice of DLR Group, a US company dedicated to the development of venues that elevate human experience through design.