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Is a regional company dedicated to engineering and architecture consultancy. It is 100% of Costa Rican capital, active in the market since its foundation, in 1971. We are a consolidated company, operate very well articulated and we have clarity in our business continuity. We have a very good image and a loyal portfolio of clients, we have had great capacity to manage our growth. PIASA is a company that integrates the 5 values in its daily operations: excellence, sustainability, social progress, innovation and origin.Ing. Mauricio Arce Lara – Presidente

Ing. Mauricio Arce Lara

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PIASA CONSULTORES, is a consulting firm, founded in 1971, in San José, Costa Rica. It was created with the purpose of providing the best consultancy services in engineering and architecture, through a personalized and dedicated treatment, guaranteeing a final result with high standards of quality and market price.