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Saint Francis College has obtained the “Marca País” Certification, and seeks to strengthen its commitment with the excellence and sustainability on its educational processes in order to achieve a positive impact in Costa Rican society. Fray Walter Loáisiga González – General Director

Fray Walter Loáisiga González
General Director

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Saint Francis College emerged into Costa Rican society, under Monsignor Víctor Manuel Sanabria Martínez’s initiative and the Minor Conventual Friars Order’s direction, in 1950. Based on Franciscan values, it grew as a leading institution within the Costa Rican educational field with an outstanding comprehensive education, in which one of its goals is to impact, positively, in a more fair and supportive society. Nowadays. Institution’s Talent and Knowledge export / import through our students, who travel to different countries in North America, Europe and Asia with exchange programs, all supported by Saint Francis College, is one of the activities that promotes cultural development and growth. All the exchange programs that our school offers include the participation of students from prestigious school in different parts of the world. Saint Francis College campus are found in Moravia and Alajuela.