San Roque-Blue Zone - San Roque-Blue Zone

San Roque-Blue Zone

Consorcio Agroexportador San Roque S.A. is a Costa Rican company devoted to growing fruits, grains, and other high-demand products both in the national and international markets.Consorcio Agroexportador San Roque S.A. was organized in 2010. Its main office, farm, and packing plant are located in Pavones, District of San Pablo, Canton of Nandayure, Province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. The company is located in a Blue Zone, one of the five regions in the world that keeps the secret of a longer life. A significant number of its inhabitants are older than 90, according to research conducted by the National Geographic. The company’s farm is mainly devoted to growing melon, which proves our high level of business responsibility which results in ensuring a high-quality product that meets the expectations of the most demanding consumers and the most stringent standards.

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