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We believe in our essence, values and traditions, we are a beautiful country with a human and natural wealth like no other and through our products and services we are ambassadors in terms of tourism and for us it would be of great support and immense pride to be bearers of the Country Brand. In addition, these would help us to market and enhance our services and products to the world. Sindy Brown SequeiraSindy Brown Sequeira – Directora Comercial & Socia

Sindy Brown Sequeira
Directora Comercial & Socia

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We are a 100% Costa Rican family microenterprise, with experience; working in the Tourism area since November 20th, 2009 integrating innovation and dynamics in our services.We offer a Distinguished and Personalized service to our clients through our comprehensive and honest staff that cares about vacation experiences for families, couples, groups, and fift’s.The friendly and attentive SinwaTours Dreams travel team, helps you to create and organize your vacation in Costa Rica any time during the planning of your trip, you can ask questions and be informed in detail.Our services are also personalized with social, environmental and cultural awareness. This as Premium Personalized Transportation services, Health-Wellness Experiences, Ecotourism, Volunteer Programs and Cultural Exchange, Rural Community Experiences, Experiential Reforestation Projects, Adventure Experiences and other related tourist services.We’re happy to help if you have any vacation planning questions, or want some friendly travel advice, we’re here to help. Once you arrive in Costa Rica, we will be 24/7 ready to support you in any possible way.