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SOIN Soluciones Integrales S.A.

In SOIN we always seek excellence and with this licensing our business solutions will have a seal of commitment that demonstrates that we live the: Sustainability, Excellence, Innovation, Social Progress and Costa Rican Origin, positioning our organization with a differentiating effect in the technological market and before our customers as responsible suppliers. This distinction allows us to stand out in the international market and strengthens the link with our Costa Rican clients, which we have acquired over 34 years of experience. The values that Esencial Costa Rica promotes are in our DNA and in this way we reiterate our commitment to Costa Rica, being ambassadors of the country brand.

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Costa Rican Rooting

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With more than 30 years of experience, we are the largest Costa Rican computing solutions development company in the region. We create computer solutions for large corporations and highly complex projects. We have implemented successful projects in practically all the countries of Latin America, the United States, Europe and China. Thanks to the human talent that we have specifically selected for its love of innovation and its determination to think about solutions that nobody else imagines, from the beginning, we have been characterized as the first company in Latin America to adopt and invest seriously in emerging technologies , generating world-class computer products that have been ahead of the times, being the first Costa Rican company to export software since 1989.