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Sourcing & Logistics S.A.

We met Esencial Costa Rica at the B2B Forum 2018. From that moment, we were clear that Sourcing & Logistics should belong to this community, because we already carried many of the values ​​that we saw that day, especially the taste for excellence, the passion to highlight our work in international markets. We want to be the best version of a Costa Rican company in the international transport and logistics sector … Specialized, dedicated, hard-working, innovative. We faithfully believe in the talent and education of the Costa Rican professional, we want to be a new example of good results when a group of Costa Ricans set out to do things well. Contribute to raising the level of national competitiveness and project our best work to our international partners and suppliers. Belonging to a Sustainable Development community, which measures each of its actions with the aim of reducing our footprint and promoting the environmental well-being of our surroundings.Joaquin Yip Salas – Managing Director

Joaquin Yip Salas
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Specialists in logistics, international transportation and supply of raw materials. Under the 4PL Model, our business proposition is Platinum Service Level and Cost Optimization. The focus is the Industry segment, Free Trade Zone, medical devices, electronics and food.