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Because it was always a dream to have it because we are proud to be Costa Rican and show the world that it is possible to do the work with high standards of quality and customer service. We are proud to be Costa Ricans without artificial ingredients.

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Surcos Tours is a family business. It was born from seeking solutions to the lack of work in rural areas, particularly in the southern and southwestern areas of Costa Rica. The word “Surcos” comes from the Spanish “Surco” which means opening a path where none exists, to build and plant a better fate. We do not only want to plan your tour, we want to prepare the way and provide all the tools you need to choose the best tour. Our passion is to organize your trip to Corcovado National Park, for you to return with a camera full of pictures of monkeys, tapirs, anteaters, peccaries, leafcutter ants, colorful frogs, many birds and perhaps the puma. It is a privilege to accompany you on your journey to Corcovado, the most prestigious national park of Costa Rica. It is definitely worth coming to the Osa Peninsula in southwestern Costa Rica. We want to be part of your wonderful adventure.