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Turrones Doré joined Costa Rica’s country brand because it’s what we are. We are a family-owned business that produces quality, looks after its own people, and protects the economic and operational health of our organization. We prioritize caring for the environment and strive for excellence in what we do and how we treat each other every day. We want to be known as a Costa Rican enterprise not just because we are one and we utilize nationally sourced materials, but because we truly love our land. Innovation is part of our team’s DNA, as we maintain a constant effort to diversify and better ourselves. We support our human talent daily, sharing with them not just the demands of the business, but especially our accomplishments and successes… for we are all Turrones de Costa Rica! We are Essential Costa Rica because we understand the hard work put forward by PROCOMER to ensure our companies and products are endorsed and promoted by a unifying country brand. This seal validates compliance regarding the five variables that Essential Costa Rica deems vital, thus showcasing the best Costa Rican businesses in the market. Alberto Soto Clausen Operations Manager

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Turrones de Costa Rica S.A. is a family-owned business that opened its doors in 1987 to create the best nougat in the market and encourage a healthy love for sweets and candy—the one thing that always brings out a smile. Our small business is located in San Isidro de Heredia, where we create and produce nougat and candy under the Doré brand with the best ingredients and premium nuts in the market.