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Since the beginning, The University of San Jose has been concerned to bring high quality education to different locations of the country, which can be evidenced by the position of the regional headquarters throughout the years. It is an institution identified with the academic quality, social projects, humanism and innovation. Reason why it is leader and pioneer of the creation of programs of specialization in knowledge fields, that nowadays represent a valuable asset to the country and to the development of programs of inclusion that create new opportunities for people with disabilities and the elderly. The development of human talent, the non discrimination, the respect towards human rights and to make our students, professors, and other collaborators feel like family is another one of our main strengths. All of these elements are important components that allow us to stand out and to license us country brand and to acquire the commitment of being Costa Rica Essential.Dra. Maria Jose Nuñez Sotela

Dra. Maria Jose Nuñez Sotela

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In the University of San Jose we form professionals with vision towards the future, leadership, entrepeneurs, competitive and identified with humanism and the attachment to ethical principles, capable of responding to their work, national or international environment, with integral knowledge that contributes to the solution of social, scientific, and technological issues related to their environment’s demands.